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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a type of psychological therapy.  It is structured, brief and present focused.  Although it is present focused, we will also work on underlying issues that can be causing your current problems.  For example, underlying negative core beliefs and rules for living, like perfectionism, the need to achieve and the need to please, are huge sources of anxiety and self-criticism. 

We will explore your current problems and agree a treatment plan.  You will learn new therapeutic techniques to improve your psychological health and well-being.   We will establish your specific therapeutic goals and determine what you would like to change as an outcome of coming of therapy. 

CBT is collaborative so we work together on your problem.  I will help and guide you, but for therapy to be effective, you must take an active role.  It is important that you complete between session tasks, to practice your skills in your everyday life to address your problems both now and in the future after therapy.  My aim is to teach you to become your own therapist.

The key principle behind CBT is that:  What you think and do, affects the way you feel. Together we will identify any unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are maintaining your problem.  We will work together to make changes to these thoughts and behaviours to improve the way that you feel. 

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At your first appointment I will ask you to sign a therapy agreement.  A copy of this agreement is available to view on my website. See the link below.  If possible, please read prior to your first appointment, as it is a lengthy document and you can think if you have any questions to ask me. 

Each session lasts 50 minutes. 

I will assess your needs over the first 1-2 appointments.  My aim is for us to both fully understand your problems, what is maintaining them, and what needs modifying.  

The following sessions will focus on disorder specific evidence-based interventions.  You will learn new therapeutic techniques to improve your psychological health and well-being.   

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EMDR can be used alone or in combination with CBT.  I will complete an assessment, identify the past memories to be processed, identify present triggers and how you would like to deal with these scenarios in the future.  Once we have done some grounding techniques, we will start with the processing of the past memories, ideally starting at the touchstone (first) memory where your beliefs changed. 

While bringing to mind the memory you will follow an LED lightbar and introduce tapping (bilateral stimulation).  The number of sessions depends on how many memories need processing.  Sessions can be completed face to face or remotely.     

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When you contact me I will arrange a telephone consultation.  This gives you the chance to ask me questions, and decide if want to book your first appointment. 

Please read my privacy policy about how your personal information will be handled.

During this discussion I will also determine if CBT or EMDR is right for you at this time.  Sometimes another service would be more appropriate. 

Some disorders require a multiple-disciplinary team approach.  As a lone therapist, I am unable to treat psychosis, personality disorders, schizophrenia, bi-polar, and eating disorders. 

If at any time during therapy I feel another service would be more appropriate, I will refer you to ensure your needs are met.

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