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Milly, Leyland

I can confidently say that therapy has changed my life for the better. Before therapy, life was a struggle with constant thoughts of my traumatic event making everyday tasks difficult. Anna has taught me so many techniques that have helped me to cope with anxious thoughts and predictions, and above all, she listened to my thoughts and feelings and helped me to understand them. Anna helped me to process my traumatic event and was so supportive throughout. She made me feel really comfortable and reassured at all times. I truly wouldn’t be where I am right now, feeling hopeful and excited about life, if it weren’t for Anna. Thank you so much for helping me take back control of my life! I really can’t recommend CBT with Anna enough.

Jenny, Hertfordshire

I have just completed a 12 week CBT course with Anna via weekly Skype calls.  I found this method of remote therapy really suited my needs. I am not geographically close to Anna, so it gave me access to an excellent therapist with the ease of doing it from home. No travel time and cost really added to the convenience for me.

Anna is an excellent therapist. She really listened and understood my needs, and we tailored a 12 week plan together that would give me the most benefit over the therapy period. Thank you so much Anna for all you help! 

Chris, London

Anna helped me understand my negative behaviours and feelings such that I’m now better equipment to respond in much more rational and skilled way with the techniques Anna explained to me. 

Anna is really easy to talk to, she listens !! and gave me really helpful techniques and options for me to approach and help me going forwards..

The online Skype sessions were really effective - no different to being there in person really!

Alison, Preston

Anna has been so helpful, open and approachable. This has really helped me put my negative behaviours in perspective and allowed me to stop allowing them to rule me. In response to this I am happier, more social, calmer and relaxed. I am enjoying my life more than ever before.

James, Preston

I never thought it would work! I am 100% better thanks to Anna and the CBT.

Joanne, Chorley

Thanks to Anna for helping me get over my perceived issues. The sessions were focused and have been constructive and successful. Anna is easy to talk to and gave excellent options to help me use strategies to get on with my life in a happier way.

Mrs Hughes, Preston

My daughter, aged 14 years was having suicidal thoughts and mental health issues.  We were recommended Anna, for CBT.

My daughter attended and took to Anna straight away.  Anna's manner was sincere and genuine and, throughout, the weeks of counselling my daughter's thought processes changed, for the better.  

Anna gave her things to work on, each week, and this really helped.  My daughter, openly, talked to Anna about her feelings and throughout her CBT, Anna helped her work through these things.

I would definitely recommend Anna for anyone who needs counselling and she has greatly helped my daughter at a crucial time.

Sophia, Preston

Just wanted to say thank you, as you have helped me a lot and I'm very grateful. 

I've learnt techniques I will now use for life and I've loved coming to see you every week.  You are fantastic at what you do!

Olivia, Chorley

Thank you Anna for giving me back my independence and belief in myself. 

Two months ago I would never have thought I would ever do what I am doing now with very little thought of my accident. 

Liz, Chorley

Anna, just to say a huge thank you. Your CBT has really hit the nail on the head and is really dealing with my route causes. You are a very talented, dedicated and diligent therapist. I did a lot of research to find you. The time you've taken to really understand me and my situation is amazing. I've had CBT before in 2011 which worked ok but didn't really deal with the deep issues, and the CBT I had recently before yours was actually awful. A one size fits all. I actually have a future because of you!

Louise, Chorley

‘I write this close to 6 months after visiting Anna twice a week for around 2 months. I can confidently say that I now feel confident in myself to handle ‘life’ with all of its twists and turns. There have been a few since my weekly meetings with Anna & the techniques/understanding that Anna walked me through is now the foundation that I needed to not feel overwhelmed with life. I came to Anna in a worse place that I thought I was at the time, she was kind and listened patiently week after week. I will be visiting again should I ever need some re-balancing. But thank you Anna - you gave me routine, security within myself & I can’t thank you enough’ 
with you!

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Steve, Lancaster

As I had not had therapy before, I was a little nervous to start with and didn’t really know what to expect, but Anna immediately put me at ease. She explained everything really well and always made me feel like I was in charge. The sessions with Anna really helped me understand what causes my anxiety and identify the triggers. I was able to use the techniques and strategies she taught me straight-away, and within a few weeks I could already see improvements. Anna was always empathetic and extremely knowledgeable. I am also very grateful for the materials she sent me after every session, which helped me learn more about the different topics.

I started therapy after having struggled with anxiety for years, and also right before a big change in my life – without our sessions I may not have felt strong enough to go through with it. I also loved that we were able to hold the sessions online. I am truly grateful for how much CBT has helped me and can’t recommend Anna highly enough!

Francis, Adlington

Therapy has really helped me gain a better understanding of myself, other people and the situations around me. I’ve been able to use the skills and techniques I’ve learned in day to day life and I’ve noticed a significant difference since starting my sessions with Anna - I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to start their journey.

Alice, Chorley

“CBT are an amazing bunch of skills that, after barely finishing my 12 week’s treatment for mild anxiety, are already helping me live life happier and with less baggage. I was a bit sceptical at first but this journey with Anna has been life changing. Thank you!”

Chloe, Bolton

Therapy for me has been such a rollercoaster experience but in the positive way. I came to Anna in search of anything or something and during the 2 months I've been working alongside her I've learned how to understand my behaviours and thinking patterns that were detrimental and only causing me and others around me harm. My anxiety and depression has been the best its been thanks to Anna teaching me ways to cope. Its very important to remember that you have to do this and that results won't come straight away but in the long run it's beneficial and literally can change your life. 

The EDMR helped me alot more than what i thought. Its hard and its meant to really make you dig deep subconsciously and to uproot the beginnings of unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviour and negatives rules we live our lives in. Putting to bed all the traumatic negative experiences you've had in your life and choosing it to not affect your present life and come to terms with the person you want to be by directing your attention to somewhere else - Chloe

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